Why We Exist


"The problems we have created in the world today will not be solved by the level of thinking that created them." Albert Einstein

At Protégé Professionals, we believe that individuals and organisations need to apply a whole new level of thinking to navigate and thrive in the emerging world. We no longer have the luxury of conducting business as usual. The organisation or individual that will survive in today’s world is one who can imagine and create their future.

For anyone who feels uneasy and boxed up in their careers, or entrepreneurs and organisations who want to stay ahead of the new era, or youths who want to be equipped for the future - we can help you achieve this.

We are motivated to build professionals that continuously create value with constant energy, passion and purpose.

Our Vision

To transform the lives of one million people in 10 years. We aim to change the nation, one person at a time; one dream at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear and precise; we build people for the workforce and business that seeks to be on the cutting edge.

Our Values

Fresh - We aim for crisp and clean results

Authentic - You are original don't be a copy

Creative - Dare to flirt with boundaries

Excellence - We aim for the best

Nwamaka Onyiuke


Nwamaka Onyiuke

Nwamaka Onyiuke is the Founder/CEO of Protégé Professionals, a people and organizational development firm. She is a dynamic UK Certified Performance Coach, Inspirational Facilitator, HR Strategist and Co-Author of two UK published books.  Her experience spans over 22 years with various blue chip organisations in the field of Finance, Automobile, Telecoms and Construction.

She is an alumna of Middlesex University, with a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development. She also has a Diploma in Life Coaching from UK College of Life Coaching (taken over by Coaching Academy). Her first degree is in English & Literature from the University Of Benin, Nigeria.

She has co-authored "Developing Successful Diversity Mentoring Programmes" with UK's top life coach David Clutterbuck who has written over 60 books. She also co-authored 'Enhancing Graduate Impact in Business, Management, Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, and Tourism', with focus on what made graduates employable and how to ensure that the skills in the academia were relevant in the workplace

In collaboration with the Maximum Impact Organisation founded by John Maxwell she simulcast the "Influential Leader" and "The 360-Degree Leader" programmes in the UK bringing over 1000 leaders together.

Nwamaka lectured part-time on the flagship HR Masters Induction Programme and other courses at Middlesex University UK. She has also spoken at the renowned international EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) Conference.

Nwamaka is also a Faculty member of the Enterprise Development Service of the Pan African University (Lagos Business School).

Nwamaka has a vision to transform the lives of over one million people in the next 10 years in Nigeria. She is keen on making a difference and believes it is part of her God-given vision to impact her community positively. She is of the view that once we can equip people in the right way and help them develop their unique talents, they in turn; can go out in their different spheres and skills and make a difference in their communities, workplaces and families.

To achieve this vision Protégé Professionals has launch various initiatives to address the transference of skills including Convicted Professionals which is an engaging court themed event that creates a platform for astute Professionals to take the stand and share their story to the top and prove the qualities that make the true professionals. Protégé Professionals and also launched My Passion My Project which aims to help people discover and activate their potential and create their life path.