Convicted Professionals Series

The Convicted Professionals Series is a unique dramatization where professionals are challenged to prove what made them true and renowned professionals. Hear compelling stories and receive insights on how you can craft your career path and learn the ropes with a theatre-like delivery/approach.

The event is a platform for professionals and achievers to showcase the values, experiences and skill sets that made them by sharing their personal career stories, paths, and experiences.

These stories from successful professionals can help you craft your personal career path and understand the fundamental building blocks in maintaining sustainable businesses, organizations and careers.

The Big Question: What do I do with my life?

Should I be a teacher, singer, journalist, lawyer, doctor or a businessman? As children, we all felt invincible. We felt we could be anything we dreamt of; then somewhere between teenage and fledgling adulthood, we lost that sense of intrigue and invincibility, with people telling us what to do with our lives directly and indirectly.

The school structure, the high job unavailability and intense competition for the available job do not help the issue. The 21st Century calls for more innovative ways of building our dreams and creating a career for ourselves.

It's time to define your path, leave the mass production queue and self-construct your path.

The Convicted Professionals is the first in our series of events focused on successful professionals who defied the odds and grew from protégés to top professionals.

Being the best you is an inside job; we understand that discovering your best self and finding your path, independent of anyone or anything is not a walk in the park. It's more about transcending the norm and discovering your individuality and passion. The Mission is to help participants learn how to deliberately redefine their path and grow to authentic leaders.

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Seasoned professionals from diverse fields and industries.

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