Executive Training

Every organisation needs leaders who can make decisions and be proactive. The Protégé Executive Programme enables both new and senior executives to achieve continuous excellence in the workplace. We train leaders to 'walk the talk' and be authentic in achieving maximum performance.

We believe everybody has unique talents within them and our aim is to stir and release those talents as opposed to creating clones for the workplace.

Our coaching can help you achieve these results; it is one of the best tools that helps people maximise their potential and this takes companies and teams from average to outstanding.

Executive Training

Junior Executive Training

You do not need a title to be a leader. We are all leaders; because first, we are leaders in our lives. The difference with each of us is how we lead ourselves. This is the reason we believe in training young and new executives on the behaviours that create excellence. Our training modules enable junior executives to live out their potential within the environment and organisation they find themselves. Junior Executives include First-line Managers, Team Leads and the Executive Staff.

Senior Executive Training

We understand that leading an organisation or team is a unique challenge. It is often said that people join organisations but leave their managers. By far the most significant factor that influences employee satisfaction and engagement is a leader's behaviour. That is why investment in leadership training is a must have, not a 'nice to have'. We train leaders to 'walk the talk' – be authentic and demonstrate the kind of leadership employees need in order to unleash maximum performance.

Other Executive Development and Training Programmes include:

Our Training Schedule is as follows:

One Day Training Course

  • Induction or re-induction of staff
  • Eliciting your values
  • Building a world-class team
  • Leading your team
  • Optimising your performance
  • Thinking out of the box – A module on creativity
  • Getting a job in the 21st century
  • Self and work management skills

Bite Size Training Courses – 2 – 4 hours

  • Beyond Average – Be the best of you
  • Formula for Excellence
  • Keys to Professionalism
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Walk the talk – A module on personal branding


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