HR Services

At Protégé Professionals, we work with organizations to improve their human capacity and create streamlined strategies and actions to source, recruit and retain the best talents that will improve their impact and bottom lines. Our HR Services encompass all areas of the recruitment and developmental phases of employment

HR Outsourcing

All organisations that want to thrive need Executive HR presence in the boardroom. The role of HR is not simply personnel management but also, organisational strategy management. We save the time spent on admin by offering a suite of outsourcing packages that best suit you.

HR Audit

If you already have an HR Department, we can help you “take stock" of your organisation through our comprehensive HR Audit. Every organisation goes through four stages of transition characterised by distinct HR situations. If you want to know where your organisation stands, call us today and take our survey. It's absolutely free!

Recruitment & Selection

We understand the challenges organisations face in finding and choosing the right candidates. Let us take that burden off you. We work closely with clients and candidates to ensure they are best fit for your openings. To do this effectively, we follow a comprehensive and innovative selection process that has been proven over time.


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